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Wentelteefjes 11:
‘Press Record And Live Forever’

Have you seen the Camera perform as one of the characters in a film? How old was it when it recorded that scene? Did it have a fresh set of batteries before the protagonist had a meltdown? Was it as afraid as we were when the killer reached their victim? Press record and live forever.


This show will feature multiple audio and visual recording devices, functioning as side characters during the set and running at all times. Please be aware that at any given moment or angle you might become part of the narrative as the camera sees you, too.


The three artists invite you to a performance set that transpires, arranges and records three extreme genres of the cinematic live and on the spot, without the cinema seats. No spectators on set, no eyes, but everything is recording. drawing from each of their artistic practices, Yinzk, Sarjon and Oscar will build an 1.5 hour show through the cinematic genres of the Melodramatic, the Pornographic and Horror.